WIP for the commission I’m currently working on! Hopefully you all recognize her! ;)

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Commission: Draneas' OC, Nyariko


Money’s pretty tight, so I’m opening commissions again!

  • I’m flexible with requests. Aside from ponies and mecha, I’ll give anything a go unless stated otherwise.
  • Will do slightly NSFW content. Nothing extreme.
  • Send me a detailed description of the character(s) you’d like drawn. A reference is always preferred!
  • I may stream the commissions; if you are against this PLEASE LET ME KNOW
  • Will start drawing once payment is made
  • If you’re interested, email your commission info at sarahnotte@outlook.com
  • Questions? Feel free to send an ask!


[Full Colour][Full Colour]


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  6. Open
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WIP for a commission! I love the sketch so I figured I’d post it!

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Commission: Zuko & Jin with Growlithe & Leafeon for redraider91

Commission: kilnFireLink's OC

Sorry if you stated this before, but how much for commissions?

I’ve actually never posted any commission posts to this blog, since this is only where I put up my art! 

Pricing and commission info can be found on my personal blog here

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How long has it been since you've been drawing? Also are there any reference material you have used to get better at your work?

I’ve been drawing since the age of 5, though I only started getting serious about art and really developing the skill about 2 years ago! 

As for reference material, I’ve taken a couple of life drawing lessons to help me with making the poses for my characters look lifelike, as well as figuring out mass and weight distribution. I’ve also taken anatomy, and in the 2D animation program I took last year I learned all sorts of little tidbits, though they never really delved deeper into things such as colour theory.

Most of what I know now is from tutorials I’ve found online, to be honest! Tumblr is actually a great source for mini tutorials for lineart, shading, colouring and perfecting your work. Aside from that, I sit in livestreams of artists I admire, and watch how they do things and try to learn from it!

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I noticed that I’ve gotten a number of asks here, and while I’d rather not clutter this blog with text posts and the like, I will answer these since they are related to art!

I may delete them later though, or once I get an FAQ up!

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Commission for LivingTombstone