Commission for ultimate-pumqin: OC Lilz and her Pokemon

Commission for darklycute : OC Kana and her Pokemon

Im sorry if this was already asked, but when you started art did you draw from observation? How do you personally like to practice? Any tips for us noobs?

When I first started, I simply drew what I wanted, however I wanted. I’d take a few things from different styles I liked and try to draw them in a way that would give me my own style of drawing.
I only started drawing from observation after I realized there was something lacking in my art. No sense of depth, mass, anatomy, etc. I took one session in life drawing, which was basically 10 three hour courses of 30 second to 5 minute poses/gestures from a nude model. It helped me a lot in figuring out how a body moves, the weight and strength put into different poses. 

I had to stop after those 10 courses since I didn’t have the funds to continue, but it always helps TONNES to draw from observation.
As for practice, I draw a subject that grabs my eye, that really interests me. That way I’m having fun as I practice. Gesture drawing is always fun as well; it helps you challenge yourself in getting down the pose as quick as possible within the 30 second limit. Hell, sometimes different poses can inspire you to create different characters!

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Commission for redraider91 and chirutai: Pokemon battle between their OC’s and their Pokemon!

A day late, but happy birthday, Tenk!

Sketch of Stingy’s character, also drawn during a stream!

A sketch of Ink’s nurse shark character that I drew during a stream!

Now that Ken’s song “Burgz” is officially out, here’s the YouTube art I made for it!

Congratulations to those who managed to see it a week early! It wasn’t an easy link to spot! ;)

We all know Nínim’s a shorty, but this goes to show Kenny is always the shortest. ALWAYS.

Also a cutesy Kenny to warm up before I continue with commissions.

One of the commissions I’m currently working on! I’m just really happy with this sketch~

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