Sketch of Stingy’s character, also drawn during a stream!

A sketch of Ink’s nurse shark character that I drew during a stream!

Now that Ken’s song “Burgz” is officially out, here’s the YouTube art I made for it!

Congratulations to those who managed to see it a week early! It wasn’t an easy link to spot! ;)

We all know Nínim’s a shorty, but this goes to show Kenny is always the shortest. ALWAYS.

Also a cutesy Kenny to warm up before I continue with commissions.

One of the commissions I’m currently working on! I’m just really happy with this sketch~

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A certain someone (Nashira) told me it was Lobsterkun’s birthday in a couple of hours, so here you go! Lobsterkun has drawn the cutest doodles for my birthday the past two years, so I hope this is to your liking!

Happy birthday!

A birthday gift for my Knight, who I still need to catch up to in Dark Souls 2. He’s been very patient with this Cleric!

Happy 22nd birthday!

Commission for redbeardsart: Edea Lee from Bravely Default

Hey guys! Thought I’d break the inactivity streak with a doodle of Nínim, who I’ve definitely not abandoned! 

You may also expect a proper drawing to finally be done after all this time! Thank you for your patience! 

You’re all lovely followers~

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WIP for the commission I’m currently working on! Hopefully you all recognize her! ;)

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